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IPS Community Suite

Released 05/27/2016

This is a security release and we recommend all clients upgrade as soon as possible.

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PS: after the download archive, rename

Key Changes

This is a maintenance release to resolve the following issues:

  • Permission matrix can show incorrect permissions when using the Member > Group permission tool.
  • Using Authorize.Net Payment Gateway may result in an error.
  • A logged in member without a valid timezone set will trigger exceptions any time another members age is checked.
  • Where the upgrader can result in a fatal error due to an invalid class stored for a Pages record comment.
  • An upgrade error where reports are loaded for Pages databases that no longer exist.
  • Orphaned comments trigger an exception when search index is rebuilding.
  • An exception can occur continued upgrades: DateTime::setTimestamp() expects parameter 1 to be long, object given.
  • Recursion can occur if the core_log table doesn't exist yet (as happens during auto upgrade).
  • An issue where importing a theme can break CSS.
  • MySQL strict mode upgrade to 4.1.12 can fail.
  • Installing a new plugin via the ACP can fail.

As part of our ongoing internal security audit, this release also improves security in the following areas:

  • Possible XSS in the "hovercard" system.
  • Further hardening to the insecure file upload code.

Additional Information

Important Fixes

In addition to many smaller bug fixes and performance improvements, the following important fixes are included:

  • Uploading animated gifs was broken in some areas 
  • Support departments in Commerce could not be deleted.
  • Member groups could not be deleted.
  • The summary when submitting a calendar event may show the wrong time.
  • Double posts may occur on Windows servers.
  • Reports were not being sorted correctly.
  • PM search is now more reliable.
  • Profiles, and pages from the Pages app were missing from the sitemap in the default configuration.
  • Using very high limits for the number of questions per poll may cause errors.
  • Setting up the REST API may fail.


Information for 3rd party developers
  • There has been API changes to \IPS\Email. Contributors can view details here: https://invisionpower.com/forums/topic/429144-4112-changes-ipsemail/ 
  • There has been API changes to \IPS\Log. Contributors can view details here: https://invisionpower.com/forums/topic/429065-4112-changes-ipslog/ 
  • An earlier version of IPS Community Suite performed coding standard checks when in developer mode, throwing errors if code did not meet certain coding standards. This functionality has been restored. Note that these checks only run in developer mode.
  • CKEditor has been updated to 4.5.9.
  • FontAwesome has been updated to 4.6.0.
  • jQuery has been updated to 1.12.3.
  • CodeMirror has been updated to 5.14.2.
  • XRegExp has been updated to 3.1.0.
  • The REST API output for a member now has a "validating" element to indicate if the member is awaiting validation.
  • The code to update the impressions for an advertisements has been moved from \IPS\Output::sendOutput() into a new method,\IPS\core\Avdertisement::updateImpressions() for easier hooking.
  • Queue tasks now have an optional method, postComplete(), which is ran after the queue task has finished for any final cleanup that needs to be performed.
  • The DEV_DEBUG_TEMPLATES constant has been renamed to DEBUG_TEMPLATES and now works when not in developer mode.
  • You can now add a postUpgrade.php file to any folder in the setup folder of an application to define a message which should display after upgrading through that version.