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Jane Lisa Lieb


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Jane Lisa Lieb    0
Jane Lisa Lieb

Hi I need forum topics and post rebuild tool I have inserted some posts in SQL DB its showing on the website fine but it's not showing in the count of the front end of page. 


I have section it's showing this section has 100 topics/posts

IF YOU go inside that section there is actually  300 pages with 25 topics per page so it's over 8000 topics not to mention post replys inside each topic but front end only showing 100 in main forum stats.

My question is can you make Topic / Post RECOUNT rebuild tool ? As many members are having this issue and IPB has removed this option from 4.2.8 

Can you let me know if you can do this and how much will this cost to have it made ? 

Thank you and sorry posting in wrong section

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