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Enhanced User Info Panel

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Enhanced User Info Panel

Enhance your user info panel with this powerful fully customizable plugin for the forum topic posts, You do not need to show all the information you can choose to show or hide any one of them or just choose to hide them on mobile viewing, you can now even choose what user groups can see what information



How to install

  • Go to the ACP and then plugins then install the downloaded .xml file (Yes its that easy)

How to configure

  • Go the the ACP plugin panel and select the settings button on the plugin

Settings Feature

  • Edit the width of the user info panel between 200px - 350px
  • Move the username to the user info panel
  • Show/Hide the users clubs as icons (if they are members of one)
  • Show/Hide the users cover photo (If they have one)
  • Show/Hide the users group with colour formatting
  • Show/Hide the users rank / title
  • Show/Hide the users post count
  • Show/Hide the users reputation
  • Show/Hide the users last activity
  • Show/Hide the users follower amount
  • Show/Hide the users post per day ratio
  • Show/Hide the users amount of leader board member of the days won
  • Choose to use a gold font for the member of the day
  • Show/Hide the users joined date
  • Change the joined date to one saying "With Us For xxx Days"
  • Show/Hide each section for mobile browsing
  • Show/Hide the users online status
  • Change the online status to a pip
  • Choose to use a pulsating green glow for when the users online
  • Show/Hide the users birthday
  • Change the birthday view to the show the members age instead
  • Show/Hide the users timezone
  • Show/Hide secondary group images
  • Move the users rank pips / rank image to below the info panel
  • Set a margin from the top of the post panel (Needed on some themes you won't need for the default theme)
  • Now works with the iAwards user info pane
  • Show/Hide a topic starter badge or field to the info panel (If the user is the topic starter)
  • Show/Hide the users connected device (4.2.x Only)
  • Change the width & height of the avatar between 75px - 200px
  • Change the font of the username (you can use web safe fonts, Google fonts or you can even upload your own!!!!!)
  • Change the height of the users cover photo
  • Choose to have a border-radius around the avatar and enter your own amount
  • Choose what each user group can see on the info panel
  • Now works with (DF42) Members Social Info

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