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Company Directory

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Company Directory

(SD) Company Directory 3 is an application designed for IPS Community Suite 4. With this app you gain new possibility to enhanceyour community.

What do you gain through the app  (SD) Company Directory 3?

  • abbility to create unique place in your community, in which members can create business cards
  • abbility to build reputation of business card through reviews and ratings
  • abbitlity to comment business cards
  • abbility to present place on Google maps

Example realizations

  • Company Directory
  • Shops directory
  • Events directory
  • freelancers directory

Application (SD) Company Directory can be used anywhere where we would like to present something that can be put in a physical location on the map.


If you upgrade from version < 3.0.0 you must unpack archive, upload files to directory /applications/companydirectory and manually run upgrade on url board/admin/upgrade

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