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Trophies and Medals

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Trophies and Medals

Trophies and Medals is the best new way to award trophies to your community in a full rewards system!  It offers a fun and engaging new way to give awards ("trophies and medals") to your community based upon conditions or criteria that you get to define, or you can let your moderators manually give awards for unique circumstances!  Trophies and Medals also includes a REST api so the app can be extended for unlimited possibilities. 

- Are you looking for an awards app where you can automatically give awards, trophies, and medals based upon forum posts, topics, and more?
- Are you looking to increase repeat engagement by giving out rewards? Or are you struggling to grow your new community?
- Are you looking to add gamification features to encourage positive behavior like quality posting?
- Are you looking for more features beyond the IPS Leaderboard to customize the levels, types, and images of awards?
- Are you looking to monetize your community ($$) and add bonus features for paying members?
- Are you looking for a well-supported app by a IPS third-party developer who passionately loves supporting the IPS community?

Start creating a full awards system with Trophies and Medals!

Trophies - Trophies are *automatically* awarded based upon criteria.  The criteria are defined in the ACP.
Medals - Medals are *manually* awarded by moderators and administrators. They are given on the front-end.
The application supports both trophies and medals!  

This application allows you do award trophies automatically to your members based on following criteria:

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The criteria system is using the IPS4 extensions system and I'll add more criteria with future releases. Just let me know what you need 

Medals are similar to trophies, but they're awarded manually by moderators direct on a members profile or by the admin in the ACP.
On the frontend they'll also be shown on the members profile page.

There's also a REST API which allows you to award medals to your members via 3rd party sites or applications.

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Available REST Methods:

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- Automation Rules by @Kevin Carwile
- Referrers by @fosters


  1. The file is an application (.TAR), which can be installed in the ACP.
  2. Go to System > Applications
  3. Click on "Install"
  4. Upload the .TAR file and click on "Install."

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