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Name 2 Avatars

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Name 2 Avatars

I was bored and was browsing around and saw a list of "new features" in a competing software to IPS and was like "now IPS should have this".

if the USER has the "default" user avatar, the "egg person" not sure what else to call it, this application will generate an avatar based on their username.

  • Designer Mode: allows you to adjust the settings to tailor the avatars to your site.
  • Font/Shadow Text Color selection.
  • Dual Letter mode: creates a two letter avatar instead of a single letter. you can adjust the font size for single or double letter avatars.
  • Only 2 Names: if this is enabled with dual letters, only usernames that have a space will generate a double letter avatar, or it will generate a single letter avatar
  • Color Overrides: Enter a single/double letter or username here and select a color to make the background of the avatar.
  • Unique backgrounds: n2a will generate the background color based on single/double letter, with unique colors it will generate the background color from the username making it unique in appearance to other avatars that share the same letter combos ( this will generate a avatar per member, where usually it will only generate a single shared avatar for the single/double letters)
  • upload and use your own TTF font file.
  • x/y offset: allows you to adjust the positioning of the lettering if your custom font has thrown off alignment.
  • Text Angle: adjust the angle of the text from the left alignment
  • alpha level: set the alpha to the background color.
  • generate n2a image for forums and download items icon.
  • avatar gradients.
  • much more...

feel free to use however want or add it to any project you'd like. no support will be provided. the license for this application is MIT, just follow its requirements if you intend to use it in your own project/app/etc, https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT.

Enjoy, let me know what you all think and if you want to thank me with a monetary value my paypal is 

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  (you really don't but i wont turn down your thankfulness )

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